how to bypass google frp VIVO IQOO Z3 5G

Bypass Google FRP VIVO IQOO Z3 5G Android 13 Without PC

Regain access to your VIVO phone and setup new google account using setup my device method. We will show you easy tutorial to fix your device FRP problem. If you’re unable to verify your device ownership because of losing your device google account. You have to follow this guideline to Bypass Google FRP VIVO IQOO Z3 5G (Android 13). With the help of (V-Appstore) application, you can get back your VIVO device.

Warning: Do not try this frp method on a stolen phone, this is a serious crime, if you are trying to bypass frp on a stolen phone, you may also be jailed, this process is for device owner and for educational purpose only.


Let’s Start to Bypass Google FRP VIVO IQOO Z3 5G:

-Remove SIM card from this phone first.

-Turn on device & Connect WiFi first.

-Go back to (Hello!) homepage by hitting on back arrow several times.

-Tap to “Emergency Call”.

-Dial 112, after that, quickly tap to “Notes” icon from calling screen. Do this as fast as possible.

dial code 112 and tap to notes icon


-Hit on > Agree > + icon.

tap to plus icon to Bypass Google FRP VIVO IQOO Z3 5G


-Type there youtube url “”. After that, tap to “‘Check Mark” icon from upright corner of the screen.

-The url will convert to a hyperlink. After that, tap to on “”‘ url, and, hit on “Open”.

access to youtube to Bypass Google FRP VIVO IQOO Z3 5G


-Tap to > Agree > Allow. Congrats, we’re now inside youtube website.

-Go to “3 dots” icon from top corner, after that, tap to “Terms & Privacy Policy”.

-You are now inside (VIVO Browser).

tap to 3 dots icon to Bypass Google FRP VIVO IQOO Z3 5G


Access to VIVO IQOO Settings Page:

-Search in Vivo browser “Download frp tools“, and go to our website searched result from there.

-Go down, and tap on “Access Device Settings“, this will redirect inside device settings to Bypass Google FRP VIVO IQOO Z3 5G.

Access device settings from download frp tools page


-From settings, go to “Shortcut & Accessibility”.

go to shortcut and accessibility option


Add V-Appstore App in Shortcuts:

-We are going to enable shortcuts in our device, and will add 1 app (V-Appstore) in shortcuts menu, for that follow below steps.

-Go to “Easy Touch”, and then enable “Easy Touch” option from there, and this will launch shortcuts icon on your screen.

-Go to > Customize MENU.

enable easy touch


-Hit on > Click to Add.

-Check mark “V-Appstore”, and then tap to “Done” from top right corner.

-Go back by tapping at “Back Arrow” from bottom.

add app to shortcuts vivo


-Tap on “Ball icon” icon, which is stick at the right edge of the screen.

-Tap over “V-Appstore” icon from there to launch this application.

Note: If you see “VIVO Privacy Policy” page, just go back, and again open “V-Appstore” from the shortcuts menu.

add v-appstore in shortcuts to bypass google account vivo v19


-Tap to > Agree > Skip from top corner.

-Type in search box “Activity Launcher”.

-Install & Launch “Activity Launcher” application. Through this app, we will able to bypass frp account.

install and open activity launcher app to bypass frp tecno camon 20 Pro


-From popup window, tap to “Ok”.  After that, wait on “Loading” screen.

-From app list page,hit on “Android Setup”.

-You will see there a big list of (Android Setup), you have to choose any one android setup that has no (Settings icon). See below image.

open android setup from activity launcher


-You will be on (Finsih) screen, just tap to “Start”. After that, hit on “Skip”.

-Tap over > Next > Next > Cable doesn’t fit > Copy without cable > Next.

-Now hit on “Use my google account instead”. After that, tap over > Next > Next.

-You will have a (Verify your device) screen.

verify your device


-You are required another android phone here. Whether could be of your friend or siblings. Google account must be signed-in on your other android device.


Let’s Sign in Gmail Account Using Other Android Device:

-In your other android phone, just launch “Google Play Store”.

-Install & open “Google Assistant” app from there.

-Speak loudly “Setup MY device”, hit on > Next.
open google assistant to remove frp account on tecno


-On your both devices screen, you will be displayed a (Verify the shape…).

-From other android device, tap to > Next > Copy.

-After that, the google account of your other android device, will also be added in your (VIVO IQOO) device.

-You will be asked to verify password, just enter correct password of google account of your other android device.

-After giving password, just tap to “Next” from VIVO IQOO device screen.

-After that, from your (IQOO Z3) phone, hit on > Don’t Copy > Next.

tap on dont copy


-Just finish your device setup wizard by yourself. The new google account has been added successfully, and you are all done from bypass google frp VIVO IQOO Z3 5G.

Note: If your device get back to very first (Hello!) home-screen?. Don’t worry, just restart your device and complete setup wizard.

account added successfully in tecno device