how to remove frp account infinix note 30

Remove FRP Account Infinix Note 30 Android 13 Without PC

If you’ve got frp protection on your own device, and you are looking for a way to Remove FRP Account Infinix Note 30 (Android 13) without using any paid service. So, follow up our this easy guideline from here to fix up your device issue. We will disable some application from our device (App info) page. After that, we will turn on (Accessibility Menu shortcut) feature. After that, you can easily fix up frp problem from this phone.

Note: We highly recommend you to apply this method only on your own device, if you are not owner of this Infinix Note 30 phone, or you found this from some where, you must return this device to its real owner.


Let’s Start to Remove FRP Account Infinix Note 30:

-Go to (Connect to WiFi) screen, and connect WiFi to your device. After that, hit on a “QR Code” icon from your device connected WiFi name.

-After that, tap to > Near by Share > Turn on.

Tap to QR Code to bypass frp Tecno Spark 9


-From next screen, just tap to a blue link “Need Help Sharing?”.

need help link


-After reaching over (Help) screen, from there, go to > 3 dots > Share Article.

Go to share article to bypass frp tecno spark 9, spark 9t


-From share box, just hit over > Phoenix > Phoenix > Agree & Start > Skip (From top right corner).

Select phoenix to open browser to bypass frp Infinix hot 20 5G


Gain Access to Settings Page:

-From phoenix browser, just search there with Download frp tools“.

-Go to our website 1st searched result same as shown in below image.

-Tap on a “Access Device Settings“.


-We’ve to turn on accessibility feature, so lets turn this feature on. After that, we will be able to Remove FRP Account Infinix Note 30.

-From the device settings, just go to > Special Function > Accessibility > Accessibility MENU. Turn on from there “Accessibility Menu Shortcut” option. After that, tap to “Allow” from popup.

turn on accessibility menu option in Google Pixel 3 Android 11


-You will start having (3 dots) icon at the right side of your device screen. We will use this option later on to enable google play services app.


-Let’s get back to device settings page. From there, tap to > Apps Management > App list.

-We’re gonna disable and force stop 3 applications from there (Google Play Services, Android Setup, Android Auto).

-Let’s do that now by finding and tapping to > Android Setup > Force Stop > OK.

force stop android setup to bypass frp tecno spark 8c


-Go back to (App list) page again. After that, tap to > Android Auto > Disable > Disable App.

disable and force stop Android Auto to bypass google account LG K32


-Go back again on (App list) page. From there, find and tap to > Google Play Services > Disable > Disable App, and also tap on “FORCE STOP”.

disable google play services

-After following all above steps, we are gonna forget our device connected WiFi.


Disconnect WiFi from Infinix Note 30:

-Get back to (Connect to WiFi) screen by hitting back arrow several times. After that, long tap over your device connected WiFi name. Select “Forget” option to Remove FRP Account Infinix Note 30.

forget connected WiFi to remove frp account infinix Zero 5G


-Go all the way back on first (Select Language) screen.

GO BACK ON Select language screen to bypass frp inifinix Zero 5G


-From there, tap over > Next > Next > Skip.

-You have to connect WiFi again.

-After that, within 1-2 minutes, you will be redirected to the (User Agreement and Services) page. From there, hit over > Next > Don’t Copy.

-We are now on a (Checking for update…) screen. To get this loading screen done, we have to enable back google play services application.

checking for update screen


-Tap on > 3 dots > Assistant. After that, you will see “Settings” option, but this option will hide in mini seconds. You have to hit on this “Settings” option as quick as possible. And keep trying hitting on > 3 dots > Assistant, until you successfully hit on “Settings” option as well.

Note: Repeatedly and Quickly follow this step until you go to (Google Play Services) app info page. Tap to > 3 dots > Assistant > Settings.

Enable google play services from assistant


-Once you reached on (Google Play Services) screen, from there, tap on “Enable” option to enable google play services app.

ENABLE Google play serivces app to bypass frp infinix ZERO 30 5G


-Tap once on “Back Arrow” from bottom.

Tap once again on “Back Arrow” from bottom.

-You will reach on (Google Services) screen, just tap to > More > More > Accept.

Google Services Homepage LG Velvet 5G FRP Unlock


-You can can complete remaining setup wizard steps on your own without facing any google sign in screen. This is how, you can easily Remove FRP Account Infinix Note 30 (Android 13) without getting help of any paid tool.