Xperia, Xperia MTP Mode, MSC mode, mass storage mode, Sony

What does MTP MODE mean and how do you set the phone?

This is the option of Media Transfer Mode in Xperia mobile or in other android mobiles, this option means whenever you connect your mobile to your computer/laptop via data cable, this type of options like MTP mode, and Mass storage mode, appears on your sony xperia mobile, and many of them are unknown of this option, there are two kinds of options in xperia.


1/ MTP Mode (Media Transfer Mode)

This type of protocol, we use to transfer our mobile internal storage data, internal storage means the built in memory of your mobile, like 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, these type of memory comes with each android mobile, internal storage is called to buildin memory.

2/ MSC Mode (Mass Storage Mode)

This type of mode is used when you need to transfer your mobile SD CARD data to your computer or laptop, but when you will select this MSC mode, then you wont be able to transfer data from your mobile internal storage, so these two options are used, 1st option is for transferring data from internal storage to comuper, and 2nd MSC mode is used to transfer data from SD CARD / External Memory to Computer.


How to select these mode in your mobile:

-Go to your Xperia “Setting”

-Tap on “Xperia Connectivity”


-Tap on “USB Connectivity”

Xperia MTP Mode, MSC mode, mass storage mode

-Tap on “USB connection mode”

Xperia USB Connectivity

-From USB connection mode, you will see 2 options in pop window,

1: Media transfer mode (MTP)
2: Mass Storage Mode (MSC)

I have already described you these both options, so you can select any one of them and you are finished.