bypass google frp infinix hot 11s Android 11

Bypass Google FRP Infinix Hot 11s (X662) With Free Method

Bypass Google FRP Infinix Hot 11s (X6812) Android 11 through this latest method, we do required another android phone to start this method, and both devices should be on same WiFi connection, because the main part of this method is transferring frp tools from non-frp lock to FRP Locked phone, the method is very simple, follow steps now.

Warning: This frp removal process is only for device owner and for educational purpose only.


Let’s Start to Bypass Google FRP Infinix Hot 11s:

Step 1: Connect WiFi, and then go back to (WiFi Setup) screen.

Step 2: Tap to > See All WiFi Network > Add New Network.


Step 3: Tap to > Mic icon > Deny.


Step 4: Tap to > Mic icon > Deny & Don’t Ask Again.


Step 5: Tap to > Mic icon > Allow.


Step 6: Go to “Permission”, and hit over “Search icon” same as shown in below image.


Step 7: Search and go to “App Settings”.

Step 8: Hit on “App Settings” again, there you will have same app list screen as can be seen below.


Step 9: Search there “XS”, and then tap to “XShare” app.

Step 10: Hit on “Open”.


Step 11:Swipe screen to left 2-3 times, and then tap to “START > Agree > Allow”.

Step 12: We have to download frp tools in other android device, and then we will transfer those apps to our frp locked infinix hot 11 in order to Bypass Google FRP Infinix Hot 11s.


Download FRP Tools in Other Android Device:

Step 13: Open “Chrome browser” in other phone, search in browser “Download frp tools“.

Step 14: Visit same searched result as shown in below image.


Step 15: Download below 2 applications in other android phone.

1/ Google Account Manager 9.

2/ Account Login.

Step 16: In your other phone, open “Play Store”.

Step 17: Install and open “XShare” app.


Step 18: Tap to > Send > Files > Phone Storage > Download.

Step 19: There you will have your both download apps (Google Account Manager 9 + Account Login), select both apps to send to the frp locked device to Bypass Google FRP Infinix Hot 11s.


Step 20: Hit on > Send > Allow > Allow modify settings.

Step 21: Tap to “Back Arrow”, and then tap to “Allow”, and then tap turn on “Allow from this source”.

Step 22: Check mark option (i am aware of this possible….), and then wait, and tap to “OK”.

Step 23:This will show you a (QR Code).


Scan QR Code from Infinix Hot 11s:

Step 24: From infinix hot 11s, just tap to > Transfer > Receive.


Step 25: Tap on 1st option “Allow” for few times until you see “Scanning QR Code” screen.

Step 26: After that, scan QR Code that you received in other android device.

Step 27: Once the both device connected together, the transferring process will also start automatically, and in few seconds, you will receive your both downloaded frp tools in infinix hot 11 device.

Step 28: Tap to “Open” button, which is right next to the (Account Login) app.


Step 29: Add latest google account by tapping to “3 dots”, and then tap “Browser Sign-in”.

Step 30: Sign in with your valid Gmail Account to Bypass Google FRP Infinix Hot 11s.


Step 31: By tapping on “Back Arrow”, just get back to “App Settings” screen carefully, find and tap on “Google “Account Manager”, and then tap to “Uninstall”.

Final Step: Go back to first (XOS) homepage & complete initial setup. You are all done from this frp bypass method.


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