Reset FRP Account Symphony Z30 Pro Android 10

Reset FRP Account Symphony Z30 Pro Bypass Google Acc Android 10

Reset FRP Account Symphony Z30 Pro Android 10 just by connecting wifi, after that, we will got to (emergency call) option, from there, we reach to app list to open YouTube, and after that we can easily reach inside device settings to setup new pattern lock to Reset FRP completely, don’t worry, we know you are not understanding how to this all, just follow steps from below, we also have attached screen shots with steps to make you understand easily.

Warning: This process is just for device owner and for educational purpose only.


Let’s Start to Reset FRP Account Symphony Z30 Pro:

Start with Connecting WiFi to your phone, and go back to (Hi there) homepage.

From there, we just have hit on “Emergency Call”, and double tap on “Emergency Information”, and then tap “Pencil icon” from top corner.


Afterwards, you are required to hit on > Add Contact > Any Contact Name.


Tap again on > Contact Name > 3 Dots > Share.


There you will see some social icons, just long hit on “Gmail” icon, and tap to “App info”.


Tap to > Notification > Advanced > Additional Settings in the App.

Hito n > 3 Dots > Help & Feedback.


Search there “d”‘, and then tap to searched result (Delete or disable app on android).

Now tap to “Tap to go to application Settings”.


There you will have app list, just go all the way down, and tap to > Youtube > Notification.

tap to youtube from app list to bypass frp symphony Z16


Afterwards, hit on > Advanced > Additional Settings in the app.

TAP TO Advanced from youtube to bypass frp symphony Z16


Hit on > About > Youtube Terms of Service.

Accept & Continue > Next > No Thanks.

welcome to chrome browser


Create New Pattern Lock:

We will setup new screen lock to to Reset FRP Account Symphony Z30 Pro.

Search in top bar “Download frp tools“, and visit our website searched result by following below image.


Scroll down, tap on “Set Pattern Lock” which is under the heading of (Access to Apps Directly).

Set Pattern Lock to Bypass FRP

You will be redirected inside (Set Screen Lock) homepage.

Tap on “Pattern”, and after that, draw your any pattern lock there 2 times, and hit on “Confirm” button.


Now you have successfully setup new pattern, this will assist you to Reset FRP Account Symphony Z30 Pro.

Tap to > Yes i am in > Got it.

Go back to first “Hi There” homepage, by tapping back arrow several times.

Complete Setup wizard, if you are asked for giving pattern, you can use your already setup pattern lock there, and from google sign in screen, tap to > SKIP > SKIP.


Final Step: Add your new google account once you reach inside the device MENU, this is all till now, i hope you have bypassed your own device recent google account with this method successfully, if you liked this post, don’t forget to mention your comment below.


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