How to download all versions of easy samsung frp tools V2.7

Download Easy Samsung FRP Tools Latest Version V2.7, V2, V1

(Last Updated On: June 25, 2023)

The easy Samsung frp tools is one of the best free tool, that will work like a charm on your Samsung Android Phone. There are several frp bypass methods available with paid tool, but these days most of them are gonna failed just because of latest security patch level is being introduced to all Samsung Android Phones.

In this situation, this tool will popup a screen on your device, that will redirect your screen to Youtube or Google Search Bar. Where from, you can easily access to your phone settings through certain Samsung frp Tools.

We are going to describe all steps, you just need to Download Easy Samsung FRP Tools in your PC, and then open this tool. After that connect any one of your Frp Locked Samsung device to the PC, and click to (Bypass frp) button. This will send a message on your phone, after that you will get access in your device Google Chrome Browser or Youtube.


Download Easy Samsung Frp Tools:

Below is the list of all latest version and old of FRP tools, you can choose any one and download in your PC.

Easy Samsung FRP Tools V2.7 2021 (NEW)DOWNLOAD
Easy Samsung FRP Tools V2 2020DOWNLOAD
Easy Samsung FRP Tools V1 2020DOWNLOAD

Through this tool, you can easily bypass frp from your Samsung and other android phones just by connecting PC, this will help you to open directly (Chrome and Youtube) in your frp protected device.


How to Use Easy Samsung FRP Tools:

Easy Sasmung frp tools


-Once downloading finish, extract the tool from winrar archive.

-Install Tool in your PC, after that, Open this tool.

-Turn on your Frp locked Samsung device, and connect with WiFi.

-Put your device on a very fist HOMEPAGE screen, such as (Welcome, Let’s GO!, Select Language) Screen.

-Connect Phone to PC through a USB Cable, the cable that we use for charging our device normally.

-Click on “Bypass FRP” button from your Easy Samsung FRP Tools.

connect phone to WiFI to bypass frp with easy samsung frp tools 2020


-This will show you a popup window, just hit on “OK” option from there.

-After that, this tool will send popup message on your connected Phone screen.

-Tap on “View” button from there, and you will be redirected to the Google Sign in page.

tap on view to access youtube


-If your Samsung Device has (Android 10) version, we would recommend you to follow further steps by clicking here.

-If your device has Android 9 version, then follow further steps by clicking here.


How to Fix Drivers Failed Error in Easy Samsung FRP Tools:

Sometimes, you can face drivers failing error while using this tool, but don’t worry, solution is available here, we will copy below code and past into (Command Prompt), that will automatically fix that error after restarting windows. Follow steps from below to fix this problem from Easy Samsung frp tools.

-Extract Setup file from downloaded winrar archive of easy samsung tool.

-Afterwards, install Samsung USB drivers.

-RUN (CMD) in your PC as administrator.

-Copy below code and past that code into (CMD) window.

bcdedit /set TESTSIGNING OFF

-After that, just restart Your Windows Computer, and run again (SamsungFRP.exe) to run easy samsung frp tools.

-Now you can easily connect your FRP protected device with PC, and run this tool on that phone to bypass frp completely, this is how, the error can be fixed easily.

How to fix Failed Launching Browser Event in Easy Samsung FRP Tools:

There could be another issue with your tool, and that is, not to launch browser event. If you are facing same issue of (Launching Browser Failed), that’s not a big deal to fix this issue easily just by following below steps, all steps have been described clearly with screen shot.

-First of all, download & install (Samsung USB Driver) in your computer.

-Let’s open up (Start Menu), and select (Power Options) from there.

-Long press (Shift) button, and then press Restart to boot your PC in Safe mode.


-Go to > Troubleshoot > Advanced options.



-After that, just go to > Startup Settings > Restart.

-After that, Start Setting will be displayed there.

download all versions of easy Samsung frp tools


-Let’s just Press 7 button to select “Disable Driver Signature enforcement” option.

Disable Driver signature to Fix Easy Samsung FRP Tools

-The computer will reboot, after that, you can re-extract your easy Samsung frp tools, and use that tool without any Failed Launching Browser Event

How to Use Easy Samsung FRP Tools on Samsung Android 10:

We’re gonna install this tool in PC, and open this tool, afterwards, connect Samsung device with PC using a working data cable, once the devices is detected by PC, after that, you can follow up below steps to Bypass frp with this tool in free.

Note: Below method has been applied on a Samsung Android 10 version device.

• Tap to > View > Accept & Continue > Next > No Thanks.
• 3 dots > Settings.


• Go to > About Chrome > Question Mark Sign.
• Type in search area “V”, and then go to”Get Start with voice access”.


• Go down little bit, hit on a hyperlink > Change Google App Settings > iPhone & iPad > Privacy & Security.


• Go to > Google Maps Timelines.
• Go down , and hit on > Location History.
• Swipe down again, under the heading of (Delete Locations History), just tap over a hyperlink from there “Google Maps Timelines”.


• Back Arrow
• Tap on “Point Location icon”, and then tap “OK” from popup window.


• From top left corner, tap to > Menu icon > Start driving > Got it > Mic icon.
• You have to say loudly “Open Settings”.


Smart Switch App to Bypass frp:

• Accounts & Backup > Smart Switch > Downloads.
• Wait 4-5 minutes, this may take a time in downloading and opening the Smart Switch App.
• Once the downloading finish, you will receive a new window “Welcome to Smart Switch”.
• Tap on “Agree” button.


• Smart Switch > Allow > Receive Data.


• Galaxy Android > Cable.


• In other android device, install & open “Smart Switch App“, and then tap to > Send Data > Cable.


• Now Connect OTG adapter in your “Samsung Phone Android 10 frp locked” device, and other end of USB Cable should be in your other android android device.
Note: Do make sure, OTG should be connected in your frp locked device”.

• Hit on “OK” from popup window in your frp locked device, and then tap to “Allow”.
• After that, your both device will start connecting each other to Bypass FRP Samsung Phone Android 10.


• In your frp locked device, select only “Settings”, and then tap to “Transfer” button.


• In Other Android device, tap to “COPY”, and enter your already setup PIN/PATTERN there, and then it will start copying your Stuff.
• After transfer process done, that means you have successfully signed in with your Gmail Account, that is already setup in other phone, this Gmail account will also be used in your frp locked phone. That all you did through Easy Samsung FRP Tools.


How to Use Easy Samsung FRP Tools on Samsung Android 9:

-Type in search area “Download Samsung frp tools techeligible“.

-Visit search result of our website same as shown in below screen shot.

-Download below apps from there.

⇒  Apex Launcher 3.3.3
⇒  Google Account Manager 8.
⇒  Account Login.

-After downloading, just go to top of the page, and tap “3 dots”, and then hit on “Downloads”.

-Tap on “Apex Launcher” to install this tool in your phone.

-from popup window,go to “Settings”.

-Enable the option of “Allow from this source”.

-Go back & tap on > Install > OPEN.

-Boom, we have accessed to HOME SCREEN, but still we have to Bypass FRP Samsung Galaxy Android 9.


-Go to > MENU > Chrome browser.

-Go to top, 3 dots & downloads


-Install & Done “Google Account Manager“.

-Perfect, now we have successfully installed “Google Account Manager 8.1”.


-Tap on “Account Login” app.

-Install & Open “Account Login” app.


-From a “Retype Password” homepage, just tap on “3 dots” from top right corner & select “Browser Sign-in”.

-Enter your valid Gmail Account to Bypass FRP Samsung Galaxy Android 9.


-Go back to device HOME SCREEN by tapping on back key multiple times.

-Go to > Settings > Clouds AND Accounts > Accounts.

-Boom, there you can see your successfully singed in Google Account.

-Restart device & complete setup wizard.