how to bypass frp VIVO X90 Pro without PC

Bypass FRP VIVO X90 Pro with the help of Easy Share App

Fix your device FRP problem from here without wasting money, you can Bypass FRP VIVO X90 Pro through free (Easy Share) app. We will get help of a PIN locked SIM card to access FRP protected device settings. Once we reach there, after that we will go to inside (Phone Clone) option to receive (Activity Launcher) app from other android phone. These all steps are very easy, lets follow guideline from here now to bypass frp.

Note: We highly recommend you to apply this method only on your own device, if you are not owner of this VIVO X90 Pro device, or you found this from some where, you must return this device to its real owner.


Let’s Start to Bypass FRP VIVO X90 Pro:

-You are required a PIN locked SIM card here, through SIM, we can easily reach to our device settings without any long process to follow up.

-Connect WiFi first in VIVO X90, after that, remove SIM Tray.

-Insert PIN locked SIM card, do make sure, your device screen in ON while inserting SIM card, after inserting SIM card, you will be displayed a lock screen of (Enter PIN).

frp bypass lock screen

-Let’s Eject SIM tray, and you will start having a (Not Signed in) popup there, that means everything is going perfect here.

-Now hold and swipe the bottom right corner (Dial up) icon.

Hold and swipe up dial icon to bypass frp VIVO X90 Pro

-Now type any number on screen, and hit on “Send a Message” option.

type youtube url to bypass frp VIVO X90 Pro


-Type url “”, and send this url as text to any random number, after sending the message, your url will convert to a hyperlink, just hit over “Tap to load preview”, and then tap on “Youtube”.

tap to youtube video prevew to reach inside youtube


-Tap on “Profile icon” from top corner, and go to > Settings > About > Google Privacy Policy.


-From chrome window, tap to > Accept & Continue > Next > No Thanks.


Go to VIVO X90 Pro Settings:

-Once the chrome browser is launched, just search there “Download FRP Tools“. and visit our frp tools page result.

-Go down, and tap to “Access Device Settings” option.

Access device settings from download frp tools page


-Scroll down, and find and tap over > System > Phone Clone.

-Check mark option “Join easyshare user experience”, and then, hit on “Agree” option.

go to system and phone clone to bypass google account vivo android 13


-The (Easy Share) app has been launched successfully, lets follow some more steps in this app to get a (QR Scanner) screen.

-Go to > This is a new phone > Android > Got it.

Old phone clone to remove frp VIVO Y01



-Tap on > While using the app > While using the app > Allow, after that (QR Scanner) screen will appear up here.

scanning screen

-We have to arrange any other android phone, in that phone, we will install 2 applications through google play store, 1st is off course (Easy Share app), and 2nd is (Activity Launcher App), through easy share app, we will transfer Activity Launcher app to our FRP protected VIVO X90 pro device, once we did it, we are done from bypass frp VIVO X90 Pro.


Use Any Other Android Phone to Install Some Apps:

-Hire any other android device, and we will install in that device a (Easy Share + Activity Launcher) apps, after that we will transfer (Activity Launcher) to a FRP locked vivo device through easy share app.

Remember: You must know your other phone (Google Sign in) account, as well as (PIN or Pattern lock), because, later on, we will have to enter this same code in our VIVO X90 Pro device while completing setup wizard.

-Open (Google Play Store) in other phone, and install (Easy Share) application.

install easy share app from google play store


-Install another app “Activity Launcher” in other android device.

install activity launcher app from google play store to bypass frp


-After installing app successfully, lets launch “Easy Share” application to get (QR Code) screen.

open easyshare app from other android phone


-Check mark option on “i have read and agree”, and then tap to “Agree”.

-Tap to > Phone Clone > Old Phone > Set now > Allow some permissions, after that, hit on “Back Arrow” from bottom.

-Tap again on > Old Phone > Got it > While using the app > Allow, now (QR Code) will be displayed in your other phone screen.

Qr code screen from other android device


-We to scan above code from VIVO X90 Pro device to connect both device through easy share application.

-Tap many times on “Allow” option in other android device, after that, you will be displayed (Apps, Contact, Message, event) big list…, just uncheck all apps, and tap on “Apps” to get inside app list.

Go to apps to bypass frp account VIVO V25


-Select only “Activity Launcher”, and tap to “Ok”.

select only activity launcher


-Tap on “Start Phone Clone” button, now wait until this transferring app process is done.

-Once you see “Cloning Completed” in VIVO device, just tap over “Clock icon” from top right corner, and then hit on “App”, and then tap on “Open” to launch activity launcher.

Go to activity launcher app to bypass frp account VIVO V25


-Hit on “Android Setup”, you will see there a big list of too many android setup, just scroll down, and tap to “” same as shown in below image.


-Tap to > Start > Skip > Next > Next > No Cable > Copy Without Cable.

-Hit on “Next”, this will show you (Verify pattern) screen, just tap on “Use my google account instead”, after that, go to > Next > Next.


Set UP Device in Other Phone:

-Let’s open a (Google) app in other android device, and then tap over “Mic icon”.

-In other phone, just launch google app, and tap on “Mic icon”, after that, speak loudly “Setup My DEVICE”.

-Now tap on > Next > Next > Copy.

Speak loudly setup my device to bypass frp account VIVO V25


-You will see there a  (Verify the shape on your new/old device), just hit over > Next > Copy (from other device).

verify the shapes to bypass frp VIVO X90 Pro


-You may be asked to enter PIN in other phone, enter your PIN or pattern for verification.

-After that, tap to “Copy” from your VIVO X90 pro device.

Note: You may be asked to sign in with google account, just sign in with the same google account, that is already signed-in in your other android phone.

Verify gmail account


-Now, you can easily finish up all remaining steps, the account has been added already in your device, you are already done from Bypass FRP VIVO X90 Pro, thanks for visiting us.