how to bypass frp Tecno in5 without pc

Remove FRP Account Tecno IN5 Without PC [Easy Method]

We can easily Remove FRP Account Tecno IN5 after having a FRP protection with forgotten google account. That usually happens with each android device, if you forget your device google account right after hard reset the device. Because, FRP feature will not allow you to complete initial setup until you enter already signed in google account. Follow steps from below to get back your device with new account.

Disclaimer: We highly recommend you to apply this method only on your own device, if you are not owner of this device, or you found this from some where, you must return to its real owner.


Let’s Start to Remove FRP Account Tecno IN5:

-First of all, connect WiFi properly, and from same (Select Wi-Fi) screen, just hit over “Add new network”.

-Now tap over “Star” icon from top corner of the keyboard, after that, tap on “Clipboard”.

Hit over clipboard option from Tecno keyboard


-Let’s long hold on (Use Kika clipboard to make paste easy), and hit on “Share”.

Long tap clipboard from keyboard to bypass frp Tecno IN5


-Just long tap over “Gmail” icon and go to “App info”.

Go Gmail app info to remove frp account


-Tap over > Notifications > Settings gear icon.

Go to gmail notification to bypass frp Tecno IN5


-Go to > 3 Dots > Help & feedback.


-Tap to “Search” icon from top corner, and search with “Delete”, and tap to “Delete or disable apps on”.

Note: If you don’t see “Delete or disable apps on”, you may see there also (delete, disable & manage…..). If you don’t see both these options, you just try to check each available options from searched result, all we have to get (Tap to go to application settings) from next screen.

-Hit on (Tap to go to application settings) option from help screen.

Search and access to delete or disable app to bypass frp


-Select “Chrome”, and tap on “Always”, this will launch google chrome browser.

-Tap to > Accept & Continue > Next > No Thanks.


Download Tecno IN5 FRP Tools:

-Search and access to Techeligible FRP tools page, just type in search box “Download FRP Tools“, and go to 1st page result, that would be of techeligible.

Download frp tools apk to bypass frp


-Scroll down, and download below 2 apps from frp tools page to Remove FRP Account Tecno IN5.

1st: Apex Launcher 4.9.2
2nd: Google Play Services.

-Once downloading is done, go to top of frp tools page, from there, hit on “3 dots” and tap to “Downloads” to see both downloaded apps.

3 dots download folder


-Let’s install apex launcher form there by tapping over > Apex Launcher > Install > Open. Now you are inside your device home-screen.


-Congrats, we’re now inside our device home-screen, but still there is FRP protection with forgotten Gmail account. To bypass frp, just open device > Settings > Security > Device Administrator.

-Now tap to “Find My Device”, and hit on “Deactivate this device administrator.


-Let’s go back on “Settings” again.

-Hit on “Apps”, and you will be shown a installed app list.

-Scroll down, find and tap on > Google Play Services > Disable > Disable App.

disable google play services


Let’s install Google Play Services App Manually:

-Go back to device menu screen.

-Open > File Manager > Apps, there you will see your downloaded app (Google Play Services).

open file manager to bypass frp Tecno IN5


-Tap on > Google Play Services > Install > Open.

-Tap on “Location”, and turn on location from there.

-After that, go back to your device Menu screen, and open “Settings” from there.

-Lets sign in with new google account by going to > Account > Add Account > Google.


Uninstall Apps:

-After you sign in successfully with google account, just go back to device “Settings”.

-From there, tap to “Apps”, and find and tap on your installed google play services app, and hit on “Uninstall”.

-Find and tap on your installed apex launcher app, and hit on “Uninstall”.

-Find and tap to by default installed > Google Play Services > Enable.

-You are all done now from Remove FRP Account Tecno IN5, thanks for visiting us.