Remove Password OPPO F7, Remove Password OPPO F1, Remove Password OPPO F1w

Bypass FRP Lock & Remove Password: OPPO F7 | OPPO F1w | OPPO F1 By RB Soft 1.6

Have you forgot your OPPO device password or pattern lock? so we will help you to Remove Password OPPO F7, F1w, F1, and also if you are facing frp lock issue on your device, so with the help this method, you can also Bypass Google Account OPPO F1, and OPPO F1w devices, in this method, we are going to use a “RB Soft” tool, this tool remove password and frp lock from OPPO devices, but for this tool you need PC, follow below instructions carefully to Remove Password OPPO F7, F1w, F1, and also frp bypass. This method is only for Device Owner.

Note: This method is for All OPPO Devices.


Download RB Soft to Remove Password OPPO F7 | F1w | F1:

-Open internet browser in your PC/Laptop.

-Type in search bar “Download frp tools“.

-Go to first search result from there.

-Go down, and download from there “RB Soft 1.6 & Qualcomm Driver

-Turn off your any active antivirus for a while.

-Extract the downloaded from winrar archive.

-For extracting the file, you have to right click on “RB Soft 1.6”, and then select “Extract Files…” option.

-Go to “extracted folder”, after that install “RB Soft 1.6” in your PC.

Note: You will be asked for the “Password” for starting installation, just go to “RB Soft 1.6” folder, and open “PASS” file from there and copy the first password from there and past into password field as shown in below image.

Remove Password OPPO F7


-After successfully installed RB Soft tool.

-Go to Desktop, and right click on “RB Soft 1.6” icon and then run as administrator.

Remove Password OPPO F1


-Now you will be asked for the (Username + Password).

-Copy username and password from the “PASS” file, the same file from where you copied installation password.

Remove Password OPPO F1w


-Congrats, you have opened RB Soft tool in your PC successfully.

-Now click on “Qualcomm” tab from the RB Soft tool.

-Install the downloaded “Qualcomm Driver” in your PC or Laptop.

-Let’s Remove Password OPPO F7, F1w, F1 by RB soft tool.


Connect OPPO Device to the Computer:

-Open Device Manager in your Computer.

-For opening device manager, right click on “MY COMPUTER”, and select “MANAGE”, after that select “Device Manager”.

-Turn off OPPO device.

-Connect one end of USB Cable to the Computer USB Port.

-Now while pressing both (Volume UP + Volume Down) keys, connect 2nd end of USB Cable to the OPPO Device.

Note: Make sure you are connecting OPPO Device to computer while pressing both volume keys.

-Once the OPPO device detected by the PC, you will get “Qualcomm HS-USB” driver in your computer “Device Manager” screen same as shown in below image.


-That means your OPPO Device has successfully been detected by the Computer and now its ready to Remove Password OPPO F7, F1w, F1.


Let’s Remove Password OPPO F7, F1w, F1:

-Go to “RB Soft Tool”.

-Click on “Qualcomm” tab from software.

-Now click on “Format Userdata” button.

-Wait until the formatting process finish.

Remove OPPO Password By RB Soft Tool


-Disconnect Device from computer, and complete initial setup to access your OPPO device.

Note: if you’ve got FRP Lock on your device, and you don’t know your previously synced gmail account, so follow below steps to Bypass Google Account OPPO F7, F1w, F1.


Bypass Google Account OPPO F7, F1w, F1:

-Turn off OPPO F7 device.

-Open “RB Soft tool”.

-Go to “Qualcomm” tab.

-While pressing both (Volume UP + Volume Down) keys, connect OPPO F7 to computer.

-Once the device detected by the computer successfully, now let’s move on to Bypass Google Account OPPO F7, F1w, F1.

-Click on “Reset FRP” button from RB Soft tool.

bypass google account all OPPO by RB Soft 1.6


-Wait until FRP reset process finish.

-Perfect now you have are done to Bypass Google Account OPPO F7, F1w, F1.

-Disconnect OPPO device & Complete initial setup to access OPPO home screen.