how to bypass frp infinix smart 8 plus without pc

Bypass FRP Infinix Smart 8 Plus By Latest 2024 Method (Without PC)

If you are still looking for a working method to fix FRP problem on your own device. You can follow up this method to easily Bypass FRP Infinix Smart 8 Plus without using any paid service. Through this method, we will simply disable few applications from app management. After that, with the help of (Accessibility Menu Shortcut) feature. We will turn on back (Google Play Services) app to complete initial setup wizard. Follow steps from below to begin bypass frp process.

Note: We highly recommend you to apply this method only on your own device, if you are not owner of this Infinix Smart 8 plus phone, or you found this from some where, you must return this device to its real owner.


Let’s Start to Bypass FRP Infinix Smart 8 Plus:

-Lets start this process by turning on device, and connect WiFi.

-From the same (Connect to WiFi) screen, you have to hit on > QR icon > Near by Share > Turn on.

Tap to QR Code to bypass frp Tecno Spark 9


-Now, just tap over “Need Help Sharing?” option from there.

need help link


-From up right corner of the (Help) screen, go to > 3 Dotes > Share Articles.

Go to share article to bypass frp tecno spark 9, spark 9t


-Long hold over “Gmail” icon from popup window. After that, tap on “Notification”. Turn on the option of “Allow Notification”.

long tap on gmail icon to bypass frp infinix hot 40i


-After that, go on > Notification Style > Additional Settings in the app.

go to gmail notification style to bypass frp infinix hot 40i


-Go to > 3 dots > Help & Feedback.

-You will be redirected on help screen. From there, tap on (Search help) bar.

-Search there with (Delete or disable), after that, tap to searched result > Delete or disable apps on android… > Delete or disable apps on android.

Go to delete or disable apps to bypass frp infinix hot 40i


-There you will see a blue hyper link, just hit on “Tap to go to application settings”.

hit on tap to go to application settings


-We are now inside (App list). Now, we can easily access to our device settings.

-Find and tap on > Settings > Open.

search and open settings from app list

-Go to > App Management > App list.


Disable Few Apps from App list:

-Find and tap to > Android Setup > Force Stop > OK.

force stop android setup to bypass frp tecno spark 8c


-Go back to APP List, and tap on > Google Play Services > Disable > Disable App, and also tap on “FORCE STOP”.

disable google play services


-Find and go to > Google Play Store > Disable > Disable App.

-We have successfully disabled and force stop 3 main applications. Now we have to go back on settings page to turn on accessibility menu shortcut feature.


Enable Accessibility Menu Shortcut Feature:

-By tapping back arrow few times, get back to (Settings) page. From there go to > Special Function > Accessibility > Accessibility MENU.

-Turn on “Accessibility MENU Shortcut”, and hit on “Allow” from popup window.

turn on accessibility menu option in Google Pixel 3 Android 11


-After enabling accessibility shortcut option, the (3 dots) icon will stick at the bottom right corner of your device screen.

-The green colored “3 dots” icon will stick at right edge corner of the screen. Later on, we will use these 3 dots to enable google play services app.


-Eject SIM tray, if the sim card is inserted.

-Long press (Power) button, and restart your infinix phone.

-Go to (Connect to WiFi) page. Do make sure, the WiFi is connected.

-On (Connect to WiFi) page, just insert your SIM card. After that, within few seconds, you will have another option of (Use mobile network for setup).

-Go to > Use mobile network for setup > Next.

Insert SIM card and go to use mobile network for seutp to remove frp Itel A60, A60s


-Wait on Loading…. screen for few minutes until you have next page of (Copy apps & data).

-Tap to “Don’t Copy” option from there.

Hit on dont copy option to bypass FRP TCL 30 LE


Repeat Steps Several times to Enable Google Play Services App:

-Your device will stuck on (Checking for update…) screen. We have to turn on (Google Play Services) app here to Bypass FRP Infinix Smart 8 Plus.

checking for update screen


Quickly & Repeatedly Follow 3 Steps: Quickly tap over > 3 dots > Assistant > Google Assistant Assistant.

tap on google assistant quickly to remove frp account infinix smart 8 HD


Note: You will have to repeat above 3 steps multiple times. if you are unsuccessful on (Google Assistant Assistant).

-After hitting on (Google Assistant Assistant) successfully, the popup window will stick on screen, just hit on “just once” option from there.

Tap to just once from google assistant


-Hit on > Use without google account > English > Done.

-Tap to “Profile” icon from popup window top corner, and then, go to “Help”.

Tap to profile icon from popup to remove frp account infinix smart 8 HD


-Clear “Storage & Cache” from google play services screen.

-After that, tap to “Enable” button.

enable google play services app to remove frp infinix smart 8 hd


-After that, go back on (Checking for update) page, and wait on that screen, the loading screen will go away, and you will reach to next (google services) page.

checking for update screen


-You are all done from Bypass FRP Infinix Smart 8 Plus, finish setup wizard now to access device main home-screen. Thanks for visiting us.