how to remove frp account Alcatel 3T 8

Remove FRP Alcatel 3T 8 Android 10 By Setup New Account

If you have a FRP protection on your own Alcatel Tablet, and wanna bypass it completely. So, you can try this latest way to Remove FRP Alcatel 3T 8 (Android 10). We will setup new pattern, and, will also setup new google account with the help of below steps in our Alcatel device. Afterwards, you can easily complete initial setup wizard to use back this Tablet.

Warning: Do not try this frp method on a stolen phone, this is a serious crime, if you are trying to bypass frp on a stolen phone, you may also be jailed, this process is for device owner and for educational purpose only.


Let’s Start to Remove FRP Alcatel 3T 8:

-First of all, connect WiFi. and go back to first (Hi there) screen.

-Change your device language same as shown in below screen shot.

change device language to remove frp


-After that, go to “Yellow” option, from there, tap to “Next”. After that, hit on “Bottom left option”.

go to next option from main hi there screen to Remove FRP Alcatel 3T 8


-You will reach on (Connect to WiFi) screen.

-Tap on your “Connected WiFi name”, and then tap to > Bottom Right > Bottom left.

tap to connected wifi name


-We have successfully reached on (Google Sign in) page.

-Tap over “Email or phone” field tab to bring keyboard.

tap to email or phone field tab to Remove FRP Alcatel 3T 8


-After that, long hold on “World icon” from keyboard.

long tap world icon to Remove FRP Alcatel 3T 8


-Tap over “last blue option” from popup window.

tap last option from popup


-Tap on “Center blue” option from there.

tap center blue option to Remove FRP Alcatel 3T 8


-After that, tap to “7th number” option from there. Hit on “Bottom right blue” option.

select 7 number language from list to Remove FRP Alcatel 3T 8


-Go all the way back to first (Hi there) screen. Change your device language to “English” to Remove FRP Alcatel 3T 8 .

change langauge from english to other to Remove FRP Alcatel 3T 8


-Let’s go to (Google Sign in) screen by tapping on > Start > Next > Don’t Copy.

-Hit on (Email or phone) field tab to bring keyboard, from there, long tap on “World icon”, after that, go to “Language settings”.

open keyboard to go to language settings


-Tap to “Add keyboard”.

-Hit on any arrow indicated language name from there, let’s hit on “Albanian”, because this has an arrow icon.

-Go to > 3 dots > Help & Feedback.

tap to help and feedback from albanian language to Bypass FRP Infinix S5


-Tap on “Describe your issue”. Tap once on “World icon” to change keyboard language to (English.

-Search there “a”, after that, tap to “delete or disable apps on android”.

-Tap on “Write in Morse Code”.

search and go to write in morse code to Remove FRP Account Alcatel 1V


-Tap on “Video” to play it, and then, tap to “Youtube” from video screen to access youtube website.

Access youtube website from Morse code to Remove FRP Account Alcatel 1V


-Go on > Accept & Continue > No Thanks.

-Congrats, you are now inside your device google chrome browser.


Create new Pattern Lock Setup:

-Search in browser “Download FRP Tools“. After that, go to 1st searched result same as shown below.

-Go down and tap on “Setup Pattern Lock” to Remove FRP Alcatel 3T 8 .


-Tap on “Pattern”, now draw your pattern twice time, and then tap on “Confirm”.

setup new pattern pin and password lock to bypass frp


-After that, tap on > Yes I’M IN > Understood.


Let’s Sign in with New Google Account:

-By tapping on back arrow, just go back to (Google chrome browser).

-Search in top search bar with “Download frp tools“, and visit our site searched result.


-Go down, and download from there.

⇒ Google Account Manager 9.

⇒ Account Login.

-Once the downloading process is done, just go to top of the frp tools page. Go to > 3 dots > Downloads.

3 dots download folder


-After accessing to download folder, let’s install both applications one by one to Remove FRP Alcatel 3T 8.

-Tap to > Google Account Manager, from popup window, hit on “Settings”. Turn on option from there of (Allow from this source).

Turn on allow from this sources to bypass frp account Alcatel 7


-Hit on “Back Arrow” from bottom, now tap to > Google Account Manager > Install > Done.


-Tap over > Account Login > Install > Open.



Add New Gmail Account to Bypass FRP:

-You will be redirected on (Google Sign in) page. We can sign in with any our desire google account to Remove FRP Alcatel 3T 8.

-Hit on > 3 dots icon > Browser Sign-in.

-Sign with any google account, that, you want add in your Alcatel phone.