Alcatel A3 XL Bypass frp Android 7 new method

Alcatel A3 XL Bypass FRP Android 7 Bypass Google Account New Method

People start getting frustration when they got frp lock on their own device, this method is for Alcatel A3 XL Bypass FRP, you can apply this method happily, if you own this device, we will insert any working sim card, and then we will go to (Emergency Information), from there we will access to device settings to add new google account.

Note: This method has been applied successfully on Alcatel A3 XL (9008J) Android 7, and this process is only for device owner.


Let’s Start for Alcatel A3 XL Bypass FRP:

1. Turn on Alcatel device & connect WiFi & Insert active SIM card.

2. Go back to (Welcome) screen, tap to “Emergency”, and double hit on “Emergency Information”, tap to “Pencil icon” from top right corner of the screen, and then hit on “Continue”.

Bypass FRP Lenovo K5 Play


3. Go to “Contact > Add Contact.

contact emergency information for Alcatel A3 XL Bypass frp


4. There you will see your contact list, those are already saved in your SIM, so tap at any “Contact Name”, and tap at “Contact Name”.

go to contact name from emergency information


5. Tap to “3 dots”, and then tap to “Share” option.

3 dots to share with gmail for Alcatel A3 XL Bypass frp

Note: Wait until you do not see “POPUP Box” bottom of the screen, if you do not see that after long wait, then tap to “Check Mark” icon from top right corner, afterwards, Popup box will appear up there.

6. From the popup box, long tap “Gmail”, and then tap to “App info” to bypass frp Alcatel.

long tap gmail icon to get app info option


7. Hit on > 3 Dots > Manage Accounts > Continue.


8. After reaching to Settings, from there, tap to > Apps > Google App > Notifications.

go to notification from Gmail App for Alcatel A3 XL Bypass frp


9. Hit on “Settings gear icon” which is right next to the (Google App icon), and then turn on “Feed”.

turn on feed


10. Tap to “No Thanks”, and then search and open “Chrome”.


11. Tap to > Accept & Continue > No Thanks.


Download FRP Apps in Alcatel:

12. Search and reach to our website frp tools page by typing search in box “Download FRP Tools”, and visit our website 1st searched result same as shown in below image.


13. First of all download “Google Play Services” from our frp tools page for Alcatel A3 XL Bypass FRP.

14. Once downloading finish, you will see notification bottom of the screen, from there hit on “OPEN”, and then your popup message, just hit on “Settings”, and enable option “Unknown Sources”.

15. Go back by hitting on “Back Arrow” from bottom left corner, and download again “Google Play Services” app, you will get notification bottom of the screen after downloading finish, just tap to > OPEN > Install > Done.

16. Download “Quick Shortcut Maker” app, and once downloading finish, tap on “OPEN” from bottom notification that will appear after downloading finish, and then tap to > Install > Open.

17. Tap on “Alcatel Launcher”, and this will expand more list of Alcatel Launcher, tap at very 1st number “Alcatel Launcher”, and then hit on “TRY”.

18. Perfect, now we have got accessed in Alcatel device homescreen, go to > Settings > Security > Device Administrators.

device administrator


19. Tap on 1st number “Android Device Manager”, and then tap to “Deactivate this device administrator”.


20. By tapping on “Back Arrow”, just get back to > Settings > Apps > Google Play Services > Disable > Disable App.


21. Force stop google play services app as well.

force stop google play services


22. Get back to “Settings”, from there tap to > Accounts > Add Account > Google, and sign in with your any valid Gmail ID for Alcatel A3 XL Bypass FRP.


Congrats, after signing in successfully, you will no longer face previously synced gmail account, because you have bypassed frp with your new account.

23. Restart Alcatel device, and remove your sim card, after that complete initial setup.


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