bypass frp galaxy A3 2016

Bypass frp Galaxy A3 2016 Android 7

Bypass frp Galaxy A3 2016 Android 7 by latest method, people are facing trouble while removing frp lock, because long tap method and assist option is no more working with Galaxy A3 (2016) device, remember “ASSIST” option will only work with android 6.0 or 5.0 version device, so this method is specially for Android 7.0 and 7.1 Samsung Galaxy devices.

Warning: This method is only for Device Owner.

Note: This method has successfully been tested with Samsung Galaxy A3 (2016), Android 7.0 device.


Let’s Start to Bypass frp Galaxy A3 2016 Android 7:

-Switch on Galaxy A3 & Connect “Wi-Fi” to your device first.

-Go back to very first “Welcome Screen”.

-Tap on “Emergency Call” button.

-Dial any emergency number, you can dial “911”, after dialing emergency number, you will have some options, just tap on “Bluetooth” icon (see below image).

Note: 911 is a police emergency number, make sure before the call pickup, just tap on “Bluetooth icon”.

-Pair your any Bluetooth headset with your Galaxy A3 device to easily Bypass frp Galaxy A3 2016 Android 7.


-Go back to “Welcome Screen” by pressing back key.

-Now long press “Call Button” from your bluetooth headset.

-After that you will have a popup window bottom of your screen.

-Tap on “Google” icon, after that you will have a “Listening….” screen.

-Speak loudely “Photo or OK Google”.

-After speaking “PHOTO”, google will launch a google search bar screen.


Let’s Open Calculator to Enable ADB Mode:

1/ Type “Calculator” in search bar and open “Calculator” app.

2/ Type in Calculator ” (+30012012732+ 

3/ Now DRParser Mode will open, type there ” *#0808# 

4/ USB Setting will open, tap on “DM + ACM + ADB“, after that tap on “Reboot

5/ After rebooting finish, you will have “Welcome!” screen.


Download FRP Tools:

-Open any internet browser in your computer.

-Type in google search bar “Download FRP Tools” to Bypass frp Galaxy A3 2016 Android 7.

-Open first search result as shown in below image.


-Go down, and download from “ADB FRP BYPASS” (see below image).

Note: This file will show you virus, but you will have to turn off your antivirus for a while until we Bypass frp Galaxy A3 2016 Android 7.

-Turn off your antivirus software to avoid file deleting.

-Extract the downloaded file from winrar archive.

-Right click on “RUN” and then open as administrator.

-Now you will see a “CMD” window on your computer.

-Make sure your Galaxy A3 device is on “Welcome Screen”.

-Connect device to computer using good quality micro usb cable.

-You will see a “Allow USB Debugging” popup on your Galaxy A3 screen, just Allow using debugging mode and then tap on “OK”.

Allow USB Debugging


-Now you will have “Press Any Key….” on your computer CMD Window.

-So just press any key from your computer or laptop keyboard to Bypass frp Galaxy A3 2016 Android 7.

Note: Repeating this process 1-2 time to make sure that frp has been removed successfully, simply close cmd window, and then re-open cmd window by clicking on “RUN” file, after that connect device to computer and then allow usb debugging if you get any popup like that, after that press any key from your keyboard to remove frp lock.

-Congrats, now you have successfully bypassed google account, just tap on disconnect your device.

-Tap on “Start” button from your Galaxy A3 device, and there you will have “Samsung Account” screen.

-Go down, and then tap on “SKIP”, now you have successfully removed frp lock from your device, just complete initial setup to access Samsung Galaxy A3 home screen.


!   Connect Wi-Fi. and pair with bluetooth headset.
!!  Press call button, and then speak “OK Google or Photo”.
!!! Open calculator, and type there code and then enable adb mode, after that REBOOT device.
iv  Download “ADB FRP BYPASS”, and then run as administrator the “RUN” file.
v   Connect device to computer, and press any key… from computer to Bypass frp Galaxy A3 2016 Android 7.

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