how to remove frp account Lenovo ZUK Z1

Remove FRP Account LENOVO Zuk Z1 By Reset Device

If you have Lenovo device, and lost access to your device because of FRP protection feature. You can learn from here, how to Remove FRP Account LENOVO Zuk Z1 without a PC and paid services. From (Verify your Account), we can access directly to your our device main (Settings) page. After that, we will erase previously synched Gmail account through backup & reset option. Follow guideline from below.

Warning: Do not try this frp method on a stolen phone, this is a serious crime, if you are trying to bypass frp on a stolen phone, you may also be jailed, this process is for device owner and for educational purpose only.


Let’s Star to Remove FRP Account LENOVO Zuk Z1:

-Connect WiFi first, and go to (Verify your account) screen.

-Tap to (Email or phone) field tab to bring keyboard.

-Long hit on “@” icon and swipe up your finger to “Settings” icon.

-By doing this, you will be displayed a popup window of (Input Option), just tap on “Android Keyboard Settings (AOSP)”.

-Tap over “Text Correction”.

ZTE Blade frp bypass, S6 Flex Google FRP Remove


-Go to > Personal Dictionary > English (United States).

-Hit on a “+” icon from top.



-Type any word in both field tab. Afterwards, tap on “Search” icon from top.

-Search there “Ke”, and tap to “Keyboard & Input methods”.

-Tap over “Text-to-Speech output”.

go to text to speech output to bypass frp


-Go to > Settings icon > Install voice data.

-After that, hit on “3 dots” icon from top right corner of the screen. And go to “Open-Source licenses”.

S6 Flex Google FRP Remove


-From source licenses page, long tap on any text, after that, go to “Search” icon from top of the screen.

long tap any text and tap to search to bypass frp Alcatel Onetouch Fierce XL


-Search and access to Lenovo device main settings to Remove FRP Account LENOVO Zuk Z1.

Search and go to settings page to Remove FRP Account LENOVO Zuk Z1


Let’s Enable OEM & Reset Device:

-Go to > About Phone > Device information.

go to about phone to Remove FRP Account Lenovo Vibe C


-Tap 7 times rapidly on a “Build Number”. This will enable developer option for you.

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-Get back to (Settings) page through back arrow from top.

-Tap to “Developer Option”. Turn on “OEM Unlocking” option from there.

Turn on OEM Unlocking to Bypass Google FRP BLU Life XL


-Go back to (Settings) page by tapping back arrow from top.

-We are going to reset device completely, this will delete all your data including old google account. Tap to > Backup & Reset > Factory data reset > Reset Phone > Erase everything.


-After soft reset process is done, the device will auto restart. After that, you will be able to go through google verification screen easily. Thanks for visiting us.