How to remove frp alcatel one touch 9020A Trek HD

Remove FRP Alcatel One Touch 9020A AT&T and Trek HD Android 5.1

We will access to personal dictionary to Remove FRP Alcatel One Touch 9020A tablet, because from there we will open chrome browser, and once we accessed to the browser, that’s means we can move further in this process with the help of frp tools, this process is very simple, just apply on your own to remove frp.

You can happily try this method on a tablet Alcatel Trek HD (9020A), Alcatel AT&T (9020A) Android version 5.1

This process can be applied on Alcatel One Touch AT&T, Trek HD Android 5.1 device.

Warning: Do not try this frp process on a stolen phone, this is a serious crime, if you are trying to bypass frp on a stolen phone, you may also be jailed, this process is for device owner and for educational purpose only.


How to Remove FRP Alcatel One Touch 9020A?

Step 1: Connect WiFi first, and access to (Verify your Account) screen.

Step 2: Open “Keyboard”, and long tap at “Language icon”, and then go to > Android Keyboard Settings (AOSP) > Text Correction.

ZTE Blade frp bypass, S6 Flex Google FRP Remove


Step 3: Go to “Personal Dictionary”, and then “English (United States)”, and then hit on “Search icon”. 


Step 4: Search there “Google”, and then go to “Google Voice typing”, after that go to “text-to-speech output” to Remove FRP Alcatel One Touch 9020A.

Text to Speech ZTE Blade


Step 5: Hit on > Setting Gear icon > install voice data.

Step 6: There will be “3 dots” at top right corner, just tap there, and then tap to “Open-Source Licenses”

S6 Flex Google FRP Remove

Access to Google Browser to Download FRP Tools:

Step 7: Long press at any text, and then tap to “Web search”.

go to web search to remove frp alcatel one touch 9020A


Step 8: Search & open “Chrome Browser”.


Step 9: Accept & Continue > No Thanks.

Step 10: Type in search box “Download frp tools“, and access to our website from there to Remove FRP Alcatel One Touch 9020A.


Step 11: Download below list of tools from there.

1/ Google Account Manager 5.

2/ Quick Shortcut Maker 2.4.0.

Step 12: Close all opening chrome tabs, and then tap to “Back Arrow” to go back to same window as shown in below image.

Step 13: Type there “Download”, and then go to “Download” folder to see all your downloaded frp tools to Remove FRP Alcatel One Touch 9020A.

access to download folder remove frp alcatel one touch 9020A



Install FRP Tools in Alcatel:

Step 14: Tap on “Google Account Manager 5”, and then you will see installation blocked popup window, just tap to “Settings”, and then enable option “Unknown Sources”.

Step 15: Go back, and then tap to > Google Account Manager 5 > Install >  Select “Internal Device Storage” > Always > Accept > Done.

Step 16:  Lets install 2nd app, tap to > Quick Shortcut Maker > Install > Open.

Step 17: Search and tap on “Google Account Manager”, this will show you list of google account managers, from there you have to tap on 1 google account manager which contains (Type email and password), this may be on 4th number, See below image.

Step 18: Tap to “TRY”.


Step 19: From Re-Type password screen, just hit on “3 dots” from top right corner and then tap on “Browser Sign-in”, and then hit on “OK”.


Final Step: Sign in with your any valid Gmail account to Remove FRP Alcatel One Touch 9020A, restart your device after signing in successfully, and then complete initial setup to access Alcatel One Touch homescreen without having any frp lock.

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