Bypass frp alcatel 1SE with latest method

Bypass frp Alcatel 1SE Latest Security Patch Without PC

Last Updated on August 17th, 2021 at 2:55 pm

Bypass frp Alcatel 1SE by latest way 2021 without PC and frp applications, just access to device settings and from there turn on (Screen Pinning) option, this will allow you to create pin to remove frp without using any frp tool.

If you are the one who has forgotten his added google account to the device (Alcatel 1SE) after performing (Hard Reset) task, then this method will assist you to access your device without Google Account.

Note: This process is only for device owner and for educational purpose only, and has successfully been applied on (Alcatel 1SE 5030u/5028D).


Let’s Start to Bypass frp Alcatel 1SE:

-Firstly connect WiFi & go back to first “Welcome” homepage.

-Change language to اردو (پاکستان).

Change to urdu language to bypass frp Alcatel 1SE without app


-Tap to “Yellow Button”, and then tap on “Back Arrow”.

go to wifi page from urdu langaueg screen to bypass frp alcatel 1SE


-Hit on “+” symbol”, and then hit on any WiFi network name just to open (Keyboard).

-Long hit at (World icon) same as shown in below image.

-From popup window, tap at very last hyperlink option to remove frp.

go to language options from wifi to bypass frp vivo y20


-Go to “Blue button”, and go down, and tap on URDU “اردو” language which has arrow symbol.

select Urdu language to bypass frp VIVO Y20 without PC


-Tap “3 dots” from top right corner, and select “2nd option”.

go to second option from3 dots to bypass frp vivo Y20


-Go to > About Switch Access for Android > Play Video > Tap video title.

ASUS Zenfone About Switch access for android


-This will redirect you to Youtube website, drag down youtube video, and tap at “Profile icon” from top left corner, and then hit bottom (Left Option) same as shown in below image.

tap to profile icon urdu to bypass frp alcatel 1SE


-This will show you (Welcome to Chrome) screen, from there, tap to > Accept & Continue > Next > No Thanks.


Access to Alcatel Settings Directly:

-From chrome browser search box, search “Download frp tools“.

-Go to our website searched result same as shown in below image.


-Go down and tap to “Access Device Settings” option.

-After accessing inside settings, now we will change our language first to bypass frp Alcatel 1SE, and afterwards, we will create new PIN from screen pinning option.


Change Language to English:

-Go down and hit on 2nd last option “سسٹم”.

-Go to “World icon gboard” option.

-Tap very first “Language icon”.

change language bake to english bb


-Now tap to “+” symbol option, and then select “English” language.

-Go to “3 dots” from top right corner, and select “1st” option.

delete urdu langauge to bypass frp vivo y20


-Check mark the language “اردو (پاکستان)”, and hit on “Delete icon”, and then tap to “Left” option from popup window.

delete language to bypass frp


-Now you have successfully changed language to English to bypass frp Alcatel 1SE.


Create New PIN in Alcatel 1SE:

-Now we’re gonna create our new PIN to Remove FRP.

-Security > Screen Pinning > Turn on screen pinning option.

Turn on Screen Pinning to Remvoe FRP Google Pixel Android 10


-Turn on “Lock device when unpinning” option, afterwards, tap to “Pixel Imprint + PIN”.

setup new PIN to bypass frp google pixel android 10


-Enter your any 4 digits PIN code 2 times and then tap to “Confirm”.

-Tap on “SKIP”.

-Go back to homepage by tapping on “Back Arrow” several times.

-Complete again your setup wizard, and whenever you see (Verify PIN) screen, just give your already added 4 digits PIN code, Thanks for visiting us.


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