Samsung Galaxy on7 pro bypass frp

[New Method] Samsung Galaxy ON7 Pro Bypass FRP Without PC

Are you looking for a method for Samsung Galaxy ON7 Pro Bypass FRP, the frp protection will save your device from data leak on stolen phone, but if you have got frp on your own device and unable to even remember your Gmail account, then you should go for this method only.

This process is only for device owner.


Let’s Start Samsung Galaxy ON7 Pro Bypass FRP:

-Turn on device & Connect to your WiFi network.

-Get back to WiFi screen same as shown in below image, and tap on “More” from top right corner, and then tap on “Add Network”.

-Type any text there such as “techeligible”, and long tap on your typed text to get “ASSIST” option, and then tap on that “ASSIST”.

bypass frp samsung galaxy on7 pro


-Tap on “No Thanks” from google window.

-Type in google app search box “Settings”, and then tap on “Settings gear icon” to get into your phone settings to check android version.

-Go down and tap on “About Device”, and then tap on “Software info”.

-There you will have your android version, just notice that version, because later on we will download google account manager according to the android version, in my case, the android version is 6.0.1.

-Tap on “Back Arrow” 2 times, and this will get back to the same screen from where we typed text and long tap on that text.

-So from that same screen, again long tap on your typed text, and then tap on “Assist” for Samsung Galaxy ON7 Pro Bypass FRP.


Download Frp Tools:

-Type in google search box app “Chrome”, and then hit on (Chrome icon).

open chrome browser from google app in on7 pro


-Type in chrome search box “Download Samsung Frp tools“.

-Visit same searched result of our website as can be seen in below image.

Download top samsung frp tools

-Download from there below 2 applications for Samsung Galaxy ON7 Pro Bypass FRP.

1/ Quick Shortcut Maker 2.4.0.
2/ Google Account Manager 6.0.1 (i have android version 6, that is i am downloading this version app).

-Once the downloading process finish of both apps, just go back to google search box screen by tapping on back arrow multiple times same as shown in below image.

-Type there “File”, and then hit on “File Manager” from searched result.

install quick shortcut maker app to bypass frp Galaxy on7 pro


-From there tap on “Google Account Manager” app icon, and then tap on “Settings” from popup window, and then enable option “Unknown Sources”.

-Tap “Install”, and then tap “Open”.


-Type in search box “Google Account Manager”, and then tap on “Google Account Manager” from the searched result in quick shortcut maker app.

-Tap on “Google Account Manger” the one that has (Type id and Password), see below image.

open google account manager in quick shortcut maker app to bypass google account frp


-Tap “3 dots”, and then tap “Browser Sign in”.

-Sign with your any valid Google Account for Samsung Galaxy ON7 Pro Bypass FRP.

-Now just restart device and complete initial setup.

Congratulations, now you have got your device back with your own new Gmail account, do not forget your this google account, otherwise you will get frp protection back to this phone, and don’t forget to make comments below of this post if you really liked this post. Thanks for visiting us.


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