Find ZTE frp Methods by Model No

Last Updated on February 6th, 2022 at 6:56 am

ZTE BLADE Z983, Z85  New Method *

ZTE BLADE ZMAX Z981, Z982, Z988.

ZTE Blade Z982 Android 7.1 By New Method (99% Working)

ZTE BLADE ZMAX Nougat by GSM ADB Flasher Tool.

ZTE Z835, ZTE Z839 Android 7.X.X Without PC.

ZTE ZFive 2 LTE 

ZTE Majesty Pro, Sonata, All ZTE Android 6.0.1.

ZTE V7 | ZTE Blade Android 6.

ZTE Blade L130 (Android 9)

ZTE Majesty Pro Without PC and Talkback Method.


ZTE Prestige N9136 By Putting Device in FTM Model.

ZTE A7 (Android 9)

ZTE Blade A6 Lite Android 7.

ZTE Blade A310 Android 6 Without PC 2019

ZTE Max XL Z9560 Android 7.1.1 Without PC.

ZTE Blade A320, Android 7.1.1 By ADB Tool.

ZTE BLADE V8 LITE Nougat 7.0 By Software.

ZTE BLADE S6 Flex and Google Verification.

All ZTE Android 7.1 [Latest-2018].

All ZTE Android 9.x.x [Latest-2020].


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